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There may be some motorcycle accessories you need:motorcycle fairings now today I don’t know what kind of success we’re gonna have because the wind is kind of blowing out there but I was hoping a mitt at a minimum to get the primer on today to next coat of primer because it’s always to your
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welcome back by kollek’s Ryan Urlacher here with law-abiding Becker calm thanks for checking back in sitting next to me is kevin caress key and we want to thank him he brought his bike over we’ve got it on the lift behind us it is a 2008 Honda VTX that’s right guys got a metric
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well if you’re like me and you own a Honda NT 700p eventually you’re going to want to remove the rear wheel whether it’s to just replace a worn tire fix on the road hazard but whatever the case unless you’re the privileged type that has doodles of cash and drops it off the deal
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you just talk me out he’d never say wassup broad could even see out that car to see how though she was oh [ _ ] oh damn bro look at that that oil stain I almost frickin slipped almost slipped I would have dropped this mofo gear down the ground like uh help I
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hey everybody how’s it going I am coming to you from my garage with my 2013 suzuki v-strom 650 and I wanted to make a short little video detailing some of my inexpensive and or handmade mods now motorcycling is not necessarily an inexpensive hobby and I’ve certainly spent my fair share of my hard-earned
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this is my review of the 2017 Honda CB 300s if you didn’t know already I rode this bike in my course my m2 course and I liked it so much I bought it a little disclaimer is that this is my first bike branding thing for me and so I put about 450 kilometers
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